The Nets4 Workshop will take place at the campus Grillenbreit of the University of Haute-Alsace in Colmar, France. The address is: 34 rue du Grillenbreit, F-68000 Colmar.

Map and conferenace place

Colmar is a lovely town in the eastern part of France, near the German and Swiss border. Capital of Alsatian wines, Colmar is also the birthplace of the sculptor Bartholi who created the Statue of Liberty in New-York. The old “quartier des Tanneurs” (Tanners district) and the fishmarket dating back to the 17th century open onto what is known as the “Petite Venise” (Little Venise). These parts of the town are perfect illustrations of renovation in the typical Alsatian style. The city of Colmar has been working on its own Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) project, called OASICE, including LAN interconnection, PBX interconnection and interactive video.

Reaching Colmar

By Train:
Regular trains depart from Paris (Gare de l’Est -via Strasbourg- or Gare de Lyon -via Mulhouse- stations) to Colmar. Transfer time is about four hours. See http://www.voyages-sncf.com/billet-train
By Plane from Strasbourg airport (SXB) to Colmar (72 km/45 miles):
Every 20 min, there is a train from airport to Strasbourg railway station. Regular trains are departing from Strasbourg station to Colmar. The transfer time is about 40 minutes.
By Plane: from Basel-Mulhouse airport (BSL) to Colmar (60 km/37 miles):
Every 20 min, there is a bus from airport to Saint Louis railway station. For time sheet, see http://www.distribus.com/uploads/ligne11.pdf . Regular trains are departing from Saint Louis railway station to Colmar. The transfer time is about 40 minutes.

Colmar is connected to the European motorway network and can be easily reached by car from both Strasbourg airport (A 35), Basel airport.


Colmar - Map